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It couldn’t be easier to convert your favorite YouTube video to an MPEG file on . The YouTube Consverter application is free, no need to sign up, and it makes it convenient to convert YouTube to MPEG files in less then a minute. All you need to do is copy and paste the video URL into the YouTube Converter downloader and let us do all the work. The application will download the video, convert it to MPEG format, and then give you back a new file. Save the file to your computer where you can upload it to your website, put it in an email, or save to a portable device. created an application that you can install onto your computer that makes it easier than ever to download YouTube to mpeg files. A simple click to run the application, the downloader then works within your web browser. You are able to save videos right to your computer as MPEGs without having to leave the website! The converter is free to use and completely safe to put onto your computer.

The Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) created the standardized format for video and audio compression. First there was MPEG-1, which is compressed at the quality of VHS movies and is good for encoding a movie onto a compact disc. MPEG-2 was created in order to match the higher quality of movies today on Blu-ray disc and through digital television. The term MPEG refers usually to either of these two formats, while mp3 and mp4 refer to MPEG-3 and MPEG-4, respectively.

  • Download and install YouTube Converter.
    Download Button
  • Run the YouTube to mpeg Converter application that you downloaded and saved to your desktop.

    YouTube to MP4
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the box.

    YouTube Video URL
  • Click Extract Video and then select the format you want to save.

    Extract Video Button
  • Choose the audio format you want to save e.g MPEG and click Save

    Choose format and Save
  • Watch the progress bar advances as the YouTube Converter applications downloads and saves the file.

    Conversion progress bar
  • You have successfuly converted from YouTube to Mpeg! you can now play the file on your computer or any mobile player.

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