YouTube to iTunes converter

YouTube to iTunes Converter

Converting YouTube files to play in your iTunes is as simple as going to! All you have to do is copy and paste the video URL, click a button to convert to iTunes, and wait for the download to finish! Our application converts the file and gives you a new file in a format compatible with iTunes in under a minute. is completely free to use and is easy for anyone to use. There are no special technical skills required. There is no registration or sign-up required either. Sometimes YouTube removes a video you always loved. Sometimes you are somewhere you cannot access the Internet. With the YouTube to iTunes converter application, you can access your favorite videos anytime!

From our website you need to install YouTube Converter. Once it is set up, it makes it easy to save your favorite videos. Simply choose iTunes as your destination, click the button, and downloading YouTube to iTunes is a breeze. The YouTube to iTunes converter is absolutely safe to use on your computer and certified virus-free.

iTunes is a proprietary digital media player application introduced by Apple in 2001. It is intended to organize and play digital videos and music, and is the interface for managing the contents of Appleā€™s iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. Connecting to the iTunes store through the Internet, users are able to purchase new music and videos and download them to their iTunes library, as well as copy movies and music they already own. In this way, a user can then create playlists and organize all their music and videos in one application and then put all of these files easily onto a portable media player.

  • Download and install YouTube Converter.
    Download Button
  • Run the YouTube iTunes Converter application that you downloaded and saved to your desktop.

    YouTube to MP3
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the box.

    YouTube Video URL
  • Click Extract Audio and then select the format you want to save.

    Extract Audio Button
  • Choose the audio format you want to save e.g MP3, AAC. and click Save

    Choose format and Save
  • Watch the progress bar advances as the YouTube Converter applications downloads and saves the file.

    Conversion progress bar
  • You have successfuly converted from YouTube to iTunes! you can now play the file on your computer, itunes or any mobile player.

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