YouTube to iPad converter

YouTube to iPad Converter

YouTube Converter is a simple-to-use, free Youtube to iPad converter. Our program allows users to watch YouTube videos on their iPad. YouTube Converter software converts and replays clips with the same sound and image quality as the original source. No more sitting in front of your desktop waiting for YouTube or other streaming video sites to buffer.

  • Download and install YouTube Converter.
    Download Button
  • Run the YouTube to iPad Converter application that you downloaded and saved to your desktop.

    YouTube to AVI
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the box.

    YouTube Video URL
  • Click Extract Video and then select the format you want to save.

    Extract Video Button
  • Choose the audio format you want to save e.g mp4 and click Save

    Choose format and Save
  • Watch the progress bar advances as the YouTube Converter applications downloads and saves the file.

    Conversion progress bar
  • You have successfuly converted from YouTube to iPad! you can now play the file on your computer or any mobile player.

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