YouTube to AVI converter

YouTube to AVI Converter

Converting YouTube to AVI files is as simple copying and pasting a link in our application! Never a sign-up required or registration needed. All you need to do is paste a YouTube URL into our YouTube to AVI converter and let YouTube Converter application do the rest! The YouTube flv file will be converted to an AVI file in a few minutes. A few clicks and you have your AVI file. Using YouTube Converter to convert your YouTube files to AVI is convenient and simple to use. Why wait?

YouTube Converter is an application you can download to your PC or Mac from You can brose YouTube videos and easily save them to your computer with a just one click. The YouTube to avi Converter extracts the video and converts it for playback on your computer or phone, without having to be online. The YouTube Downloader application is safe and free to install, making downloading and converting YouTube videos to avi format fast, simple and FREE!

AVI files are multimedia format files designed as containers for both audio and video data. AVI is an acronym for Audio Video Interleave and was created by Microsoft, conforming to specs for RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format). Data can be from various compression schemes, such as Mp4, DivX and others, so AVI is the go-to standard format since it is supported by most hardware and operating systems. Some systems may require an additional download in order to “unpack” and view an AVI file. AVI files are able to be saved in various compressions since they contain these various chunks of data. They can be saved for e-mail, web, CDs or DVDs easily.

  • Download and install YouTube Converter.
    Download Button
  • Run the YouTube to AVI Converter application that you downloaded and saved to your desktop.

    YouTube to AVI
  • Paste the YouTube video URL in the box.

    YouTube Video URL
  • Click Extract Video and then select the format you want to save.

    Extract Video Button
  • Choose the audio format you want to save e.g AVI and click Save

    Choose format and Save
  • Watch the progress bar advances as the YouTube Converter applications downloads and saves the file.

    Conversion progress bar
  • You have successfuly converted from YouTube to AVI! you can now play the file on your computer or any mobile player.

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